2012 “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament Official Results

“World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament
“All–Release, No-Weigh, No-Kill” Tournament 30th Anniversary

Tournament Results

1st Place Winners: Team “Tracy Lynn” won with five tarpon caught and released.
Winning purse: $26,400
Capt. Willie Mills
Team Leader Bruce Aikens
Scott Adams and two other team members
2nd Place Winners: Team “Hey Moma”
Winning purse $15,840
Capt. Wayne Joiner
Team Leader – Alex Shouppe
Preston Hearn
Chris Sanders
Trey Starling
3rd Place Winners: Team “CCM Graphic Solutions” Winning purse: $10,560
They released the last fish caught in the tournament.
Capt. Matt Coleman
Team Leader – Don Cayo
Angler Chuck LeClercq
Angler Bobby Cayo

Congratulations to all our winners!