2012 “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament

Dear Anglers, Sponsors and Sport Fishing fans the world over,

          As the Executive Director at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce one of my goals is to strengthen and promote the financial growth and well being of the local businesses in order to sustain a healthy community. A task not so easily carried out sometimes, especially in a challenging economy. In addition we see the constant threat of damage and destruction to the natural beauty and wildlife habitats that surround us and recognize that they can not and should not be looked upon as a cost of doing business. Exploitation of natural resources in the name of progress and financial gain leaves us a great deal poorer in the end.

            Here at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce we are blessed with a unique opportunity to address both issues by promoting an eco-tourism event that encourages the motivation for conservation powered by the business community.

           Our mission of Conservation, Education and Sportsmanship takes Boca Grande’s world famous moniker of “Tarpon Capital of the World” and the Boca Grande Chamber’s signature “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament and uses them to create a vehicle where we can build small business by educating residents and visitors alike about the importance of protecting our ecosystems.

            In 2012 on the 30th Anniversary of it’s inception, the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce will once again sponsor and direct the storied “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament for its long awaited return.

            Education and conservation of the fishery combined with sport fishing will be the primary focus. Safe boating, sportsmanship and responsible angling will be promoted in order to encourage a safe, successful family friendly event that will ensure the protection and proper stewardship of our natural resources so that they may be enjoyed for generations to come.

          The urgency towards conservation has become increasingly apparent over the last few years and the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to taking the lead in creating opportunities to help rehabilitate a habitat that has flourished in South West Florida for thousands of years.

           In addition to the “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament, his multi-day event will include the Gasparilla Island Kids Classic hosted by Gasparilla Outfitters taking place on Saturday May 19th with proceeds benefitting Moffitt Cancer Research Center, and the Boca Grande Chamber’s 22nd Annual Ladies Day Tournament with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust taking place on Sunday May 20th.

           Our All–Release, No-Weigh, No-Kill tournaments are an alternative whose time has come. Bringing families together in sport and education strengthens not only our estuaries and fisheries, but enriches our community as a whole.

           Recent studies like the on done by Dr. Tony Fedler prepared for the Everglades Foundation concerning the significant economic and environmental impact recreational fishing has on our communities, make conservation for a sustainable fishery not only preferable but necessary.

           We are proud to have the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Peace River Distributing and Budweiser as premier sponsors and are excited to reveal Guy Harvey’s specially designed art for our event. We have the support of Project Tarpon and FlardaFish whose primary mission is conservation. Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, Harbor Style Magazine, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment and their stations Kix Country 92.9, Cat Country 107.1, CTQ 106.5, Gulf Coast Panama Jack, Lee and Charlotte County Visitor and Convention Bureaus are major supporters. More national sponsors have shown interest and we are currently working out details on how they can become involved

          We would like you to add your support to our efforts for this event. Your participation is vital to the success of our mission and shows we are committed to the continued success of our business community and the pursuit of a prudent course of action in the protection of the sport fishing history that our area was built upo

          Please contact me at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce at 941-964-0568, email me at info@bocagrandechamber.com or visit our website at www.worldsrichesttarpon.com and let’s have a conversation about conservation and how you can help.


 Lew Hastings

Executive Director

Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce