2018 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament Artwork

2018 WRTT Artwork: “Old School”
Artist: Kelly Reark

Award-winning marine artist Kelly Reark draws much of her inspiration from fishing in Boca Grande and Chokoloskee. Growing up in an adventurous family provided endless opportunities while fishing and hunting to explore her native Florida. What started as poking about oyster bars and mud flats grew into her degree from the University of Miami.

A lifetime of fishing inspired artist Kelly Reark’s 2018 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament painting, “Old School”. She says, “I close my eyes and I feel this painting: Drifting with the current in the big old traditional boats, serenity, the salty breeze, the sun warming my face, followed by the sudden jolt of my line tightening and pulling under the weight of a tarpon. Then an explosion of water and chaos.” Kelly’s original painting on 36×48 canvas is a scene of one of those perfect balmy days in the Pass, punctuated by the strength and vigor of silver kings.

The original artwork is available (www.KellyReark.com) and will be on display during the Street Festival tournament weekend. A limited edition print and other merchandise featuring the art will be sold by the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce. Celebrate with us the traditions we’ve enjoyed for decades of tarpon fishing in Boca Grande Pass.