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Boca Grande and the World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament

It was my first time to drive out to Boca and we had a blast! I put the boat in the water at 3 on Saturday afternoon. The pass was full of live bait boats so I hung around them for a while trying to get a general idea of what going on. I didn’t have bait with me so I just watched, trying to pick up on any details that may help us later in the week when the rest of my crew showed up. On the way back to the dock I motored out and picked up a few thread fins with the hope that some fish may show off the beach before dark. They sure did. I spotted a few rolling fish just off the sandbar of Little Pass, positioned my boat in the same way that I was showed by capt. Mark Bennett and it paid off. The first thread got bit and I was tight on a nice 70 lb fish. Catching that first fish was a real confidence booster. Driving back in the side scan picked up on a big tarpon under the bridge between Little Pass and Uncle Henry’s marina where I had rented a slip for the week. The first thread I dropped back in the current got bit and I was tight on my second bigger tarpon of the evening. He pulled out some drag and jumped a few times before throwning the hook. That was the first day….